Discover hidden treasures of Ancient Greece in an Athens Photo Tour, by walking the city streets. You will learn practical pro tips you can use straight away. We will point out details invisible to the untrained eye, reveal the best points on the route of your interest and identify photo opportunities for creative shots.

Are you interested in Architectural Photography, Street Photography, Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Flash Photography, Tilt-Shift Photography. Athens Photo Tour is the right service for you. These are fantastic photo tours that will get you more interested in your photography skills. Spend your time with us!

Daily Athens Photo Tours for you to decide!

We provide these Photography Tours daily, visit each of the above pages for booking and more information. Expect to walk in pavement roads, but also on uneven paths with a small elevation (around Acropolis) during a two to three hour walking photography tours.

Learn more about Athens city (Wikipedia).

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Full Day Athens Photo Tour

Sounio-churchA Full Day Athens Tour, a private photo adventure in the center and outskirts of Athens. From the foothill of Acropolis Hill, thru the main archaeological monuments. We visit the highest point inside the city, before continuing our adventure thru central neighborhoods. Later we visit “Athens Riviera” to photograph sunset from Sounio.

Full Day Athens Photo Tour


Panorama of Greece Photo Tour

Panorama of Greece | Athens Photo TourPanorama of Greece Photo Tour is a 8 days / 7 nights workshop across unique iconic Greek scenery. We will embark on a full week journey, across the best places in Athens, Santorini island, Northern Peloponnese region, Ancient Olympia, Delphi archeological site and Meteora unbelievable mountain scenery in Northern Greece. Available dates for 2015.

Panorama of Greece Photo Tour


We chose to do a 4 hour evening walking Athens Photo tour. It was an excellent decision! We weren’t sure how it would go, but after reading the other reviews, we decided to give it a try. Dimitris was able to efficiently take us from site to site, so we got the most of our time together. He gave us tips on angles, camera settings, and special effects. It was a great way to learn more about photography and Athens at the same time. Dimitris was able to give us instruction at the level we needed it, which was a great bonus. To do this on our own, would have taken much more time and the results would not have been as good.  We recommend him highly and would definitely book another tour with him on a return trip – perhaps both, a morning and evening photo walk.
“Excellent in every way!” This tour was perfect for me in every way. It was a superb way to see the ancient Athens along side the new and modern Athens. Dimitri is a true professional who is a fountain of knowledge. He made me really think about the images I was trying to capture and also introduced me to new techniques which has made me feel a lot more confident about my photography. For me this tour was Instructive,knowledgeable and an extremely enjoyable way of seeing such an amazing city.
“Insightful, fun and educational” We chose to do the tour on our first day in Athens. It was a great start to our trip and a fabulous way to see and navigate our way through the city whilst learning the ins and outs of our camera. We had just purchased a new dslr and were unsure of the functions and settings. Dimitiris made us feel confident and relaxed while we practiced. We definitely took alot away from the tour and would happily the novice photographer to the expert.
Kate H
“A very clever idea from a true professional kind” …discover with your photo camera the real Greece, the different Athens and unexplored region with its beautiful villages, explore your sightseeing’s by car or motorcycles or walk and discover the fabulous gorges, the ancient monasteries, vast beaches mythical mountains, the famous archaeological sites of culture and the arts and of course the friendly local people that although there is an economic crisis continue to be HAPPY – hospitable – smile Because to just live in a country chosen by the Gods : Greece with the blue sky, the glorious sunshine and turquoise seas
Andeli A
“Best day of our one week visit in Athens!” It was simply an awesome experience. If you love photography and you really want to step it up and change your photos from good to great, this is the one. At the same time, I’ve found photo tours to be a great way to ensure that you see a lot of cool spots you may have otherwise missed by just reading the web. Our guide / photographer combined both history knowledge of the city, along with great new perspectives about taking good pictures.
“Excellent way to see Athens (around Acropolis)”. In my last visit, i had little time and searching for things to do in Athens i decided to book an Athens Photo Tour, mostly because i was biased from the Tripadvisor reviews. What an excellent 2 hours that were! I took the morning photo tour, and if i had time i would also book the afternoon tour too! Dimitris is an excellent photographer, we walked for about two hours from Acropolis museum to monastiraki sqr. Definitely one of the best tourist attraction in Athens.
Viki M
“Afternoon Athens photo tour”. My wife and I had a great afternoon with Dimitri. I had my new sony a7 and a 35mm lens. Dimitri is very easy to talk with. It was nice to get his thoughts on different techniques, use of light and camera settings while taking a gentle walk around historic Athens. He offered practical tips on vignetting, ISO settings, backlit portraits, use of black and white. This is a great city to photograph, with fantastic street-life, street art, markets and of course the ancient attractions. It is nice to do this tour early in your stay! I’m especially glad I took this tour before I went to photograph the sunset at the temple of Poseidon.
Dan L